Astro City Vol 3 #3 DISPONIBLE
Batgirl Vol 4 #23 DISPONIBLE
Batman Vol 2 #23 DISPONIBLE
Constantine #6 DISPONIBLE
Demon Knights #23 DISPONIBLE
Django Unchained #6
Green Lantern Corps Vol 3 #23 DISPONIBLE
Justice League Of America Vol 3 #7 DISPONIBLE
Nightwing Vol 3 #23 DISPONIBLE
Suicide Squad Vol 3 #23 DISPONIBLE
Superboy Vol 5 #23 DISPONIBLE
Threshold #8
Worlds Finest Vol 3 #15 DISPONIBLE

Batman v2 023
Witness the moment Bruce Wayne becomes Batman as “Zero Year” makes history! And in the backup story, a young Bruce Wayne fights for his life in a death match in Russia! - See more at:

Green Lantern Corps v3 023
John Stewart is the new training officer for the Green Lantern Corps, but he’ll have to put his new job on hold when the Durlans attack! Meanwhile, Fatality’s on a mission of her own—one that could make John’s life even more difficult! And what is going wrong with the Corps’ rings? - See more at:

Justice League of America 07
TRINITY WAR CHAPTER 4! The hunt for a murder suspect leads Superman and his new teammates to the secret behind the Secret Society, while Batman finds the key to the crime—and one of the Leaguers will be forever changed by it. Plus, who is the Secret Society of Super-Villains and what are their plans for Pandora? - See more at:

Astro City 003
In the midst of all-out battle between Honor Guard and the Skullcrushers in the mountains of Ecuador, we see the human cost, as HG support staff member Marella Cowper wades into the middle of it. Why is she there? What will she find? And why does she consider it all her fault? The award winning ASTRO CITY continues to explore life in a superhuman world. Featuring the second half of a diptych cover by Alex Ross. - See more at:

Batgirl 023
The new “Batgirl: Wanted” epic begins here, as Commissioner Gordon must track down his son’s murderer—who happens to be his daughter! But has Barbara already given up the Bat? - See more at:

Constantine 006
On the verge of death, John Constantine fights for his very soul against his own former protégé! - See more at:

Demon Knights 023
The Knights are running out of options as they try to protect the Holy Grail! Plus, the fate of the Black Diamond is revealed! - See more at:

Katana 007
It’s a bizarre love triangle when Katana is torn between her dead husband’s soul and his murderer, Sickle! - See more at:

Nightwing 023
A city under siege as the Prankster’s attacks take over Chicago! Can Nightwing find the madman before he kills again? And just what is the Prankster’s endgame? Plus, don’t miss Tony Zullo’s shocking decision - See more at:

Suicide Squad 023
Suicide Squad is sent on a mission to take down a dictator who is planning to create his own metahuman army. But what the Squad doesn’t know is that he already has a batch of super-powered soldiers ready to defend him—cue the mayhem! Plus, the true nature of Waller’s new deal with the team is revealed! - See more at:

Worlds Finest 015
Power Girl and Huntress find that a major player from Apokolips is stuck on Earth just like they are! How will their next move affect Earth 2? - See more at:

Superboy v5 023
“Psi-War” continues! Superboy’s ultimate nemesis is revealed as the secret head of H.I.V.E. steps forward! Bonds will be broken and the game will change in this important issue, as a major threat to the DC Universe debuts! - See more at: